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High Porosity Aroid Soil 1 Quart Bag

High Porosity Aroid Soil 1 Quart Bag
We have been told for years that our soil mix is the perfect blend for Aroids. We are finally offering our special blend in quart bags so you can grow your own plants or maybe do some professional propagation of your all time favorites.
Our blend is a soil free mix of Perlite, Pine Bark, Florida Sand, and other natural components. We have been using this blend in our nursery for over 25 years, it both retains moisture and drains very well while providing nutrients for the plants. When the fresh soil arrives, we bag it in 4 mill quart size bags.
Please Note: Some settling may occur, we do not guarantee exact volume or weight.
Fresh Soil: USA Blends Since 1997.

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