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10ea Grower Pots 4 inch Green (Excellent Drainage)

    Made in the USA!

  • Color: Deep jungle green with dark inner layer to prevent light from harming delicate roots.
  • Strong Top Rim: Five folds in the top lip makes it exceptionally strong and prevents crushing.
  • Tag Slots: The top lip has a slot on each side for you to slip in your ID tag.
  • Extra Deep: 4″ in depth for additional root space (General purpose nursery pots are typically 3″ deep)
  • Construction: Co-extruded Polypropylene is lightweight, yet durable and most importantly this pot does not crumble when exposed to sunlight, a common problem for many nurseries.
  • Exceptional Drainage: Your roots will not be sitting in water, the 6 dual-level drain holes and footed bottom design facilitate better drainage and add stregnth to the bottom.

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